Dating with Adult Friend Finder

There are many stories online about dating on the internet. Sometimes they are positive, and they end with a wedding and a healthy family and many generations of happiness. But in some cases, you will read horrible stories, these are the situations when you read it that makes your eyes water. Yes, we agree, there are bad apples in the basket. A lot of people know how weak and receptive some people are when you give them that one thing they miss, human attention. We are not happy when we read this, and it pains our hearts to read how some people are being taken for a fool and being taken into a spiral downwards. We wish for those people fast healing of their hearts and they should know we, webmasters, are against the scammers and the people who abuse your situation, it is our job to hate this!

Let’s explain a little more…| Find a Girlfriend

So, let’s get a little more personal, I mean you are open to date, so maybe you are open to reading from me how I look at this. There are around 15.000 Dating Domains online, all these 15.000 sites claim they are the biggest and have the most active members. So, what is really true? Take it from a webmaster, I can put up a dating site, install some bots and suddenly I have 1000 active users and just 2 real people. It will be the job of the bots to talk you to those 2 users and those 2 people will pretend they love you, but only when you help them to pay some bills. Yesh, this is how it goes in general, sometimes a scammer is original and updates his bots and you think “this can’t be a robot” but then you see a link in your chat, and you feel sad…again… you feel like a fool now? Maybe you feel a little used for marketing reasons, and this is maybe the reason your email gets 50 spam messages a day!

Fake profiles are found instantly…| Find a Girlfriend

On Adult Friend Finder, you will see that this is something that not happens!! AFF has since 1996 the doors open to her users and provides a fairly nice basic looking dating platform with everything you need and nothing more. AFF has built up an algorithm and can identify fake people in matters of minutes. Those profiles are being flagged automatically and reviewed by a real human being. 24 Years of data and surf behavior made AFF one of the safest platforms to find your perfect date. The risks are minimalized and your pleasure is increased.

Free or Gold User…| Find a Girlfriend

AFF does this cause they have an interest in keeping people happy. The large majority are free basic users with still options to communicate and find a date, but AFF has special features for Gold Users, this will give you access to pictures and videos that are marked as Adult Content. Also, this gives you the freedom to join discussion groups where adults speak about certain lifestyles, certain ways of having sex, and sometimes its for Couples only where they exchange each other’s partners. Yeah, AFF has already created 2 generations of couples still being together, and those couples never left us, they are adding elements to their relationship thanks to AFF.